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Sweet Tidings Gospel Jam

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Welcome to our website!

We enjoy jamming together, and most who have heard us play have heard us at jams.

We also love old hymns and traditional gospel music.  Our new CD, "Washed," is a collection of some of our favorite pieces done "jam style."

Thanks for checking us out!


Gene "Buddy" Conley - mandolin, octave mandola, resophonic guitar, guitar, banjo, keyboard, classical violin, vocal

Kimberly Conley - fiddle, keyboard, classical violin, guitar, dobro, vocal

Don "a man can never have too many banjos" Hergert - cello banjo, bluegrass banjo, classic banjo, folk banjo, tenor banjo, banjo uke, dobro, flute

Diana Hergert - rhythm guitar, vocal

Marc "that's Marc with a 'c'" Nelissen - bass